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Intercom System For Studio
Director need to speak to cameramen, hosts and other posts separately. Naya intercom system AFDI-BS450 can reach transmit distance 2000M in open area, go through 6 floors of wall. Based on wDR-8 technology searched by Naya itself, AFDI-BS450 support communication of 4 groups (up to 128-way). Base station BS450 with integrated Tally module, to support more than 100 switcher models, to make sure studio program production.
Intercom solution for ESports
E-sport players in games not only need to communicate&cooperate with their teammates, but also need to adjust the rhythm and tactics of the game according to instructions from coach. How to integrate the intercom and sound effect in the games has always been a trouble.
Wireless Intercom Solution for EFP system
Mobile EFP system becomes popular for TV stations and Media companies. Complex on-site situations and obstacles make it difficult for real-time communication of different departments, which makes it necessary for reliable wireless intercom system.
Intercom solution for Live streaming E-Commerce
Wired intercom was used for Live streaming E-Commerce, for which wiring in advance is needed, and inconvenient for mobile camera. Wireless intercom become popular.
Intercom System For Stage Performance
Internal communication system is a major equipment in theater. Naya provides you a wireless solution with very stable connection quality. AFDI-BS450 full duplex intercom system supports 128 channel of wDR-8 wireless devices and 32 to 64 IP connected devices. AFDI-BS450 offer a easy solution.
Inter City Wireless Intercom Solution
In sport games, TV shows and inter-city events, stuffs in different places need to communicate to each other. We offer a inter-city wireless communicate solution so all directors, cameramen, hosts, and and other stuffs in different places can talk simultaneously.
A film making stuff includes director group, photographers, make-up artists, and field affairs. All these positions need to work under the coordination and command of director.
OB Van Intercom Solution
As a mobile control center, OB van is a important field communication center. Stuffs in OB van is in charge of relay commend to on-site cameramen,reporters and working crew, and they also need to communicate with director and team members in control center.
Wireless Intercom Solution for TV Show
In TV shows, such as reality shows, we facing a situation when stuffs in the TV station need to communicate with people outside of building. NAYA AFDI-BS450 gives you a new wireless solution to solve this problem. It allows up to 128 devices talk to each other in range as far as 2000 meters.
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